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Does your social media strategy have a goal in mind? Does your company have a persona? Are you trying to come across as the fun, friendly company; or is a more serious and conservative approach better for your business? How are you interacting with you customers on social media? Are you just trying to get as many fans as possible or are you actually trying to build a community?

Social Media can be a great place to communicate with those who have similar interests, but it can also lead to disaster without the proper plan into place.

If it seems like there is a new social platform or app coming out every day, it’s because there is. Way more actually. It’s impossible for most people to keep up with the changing digital landscape.

To make things even more difficult, each social media platform has to be treated differently with it’s own unique marketing plan. Partnering with a company like TDM can take a lot of the work and frustration out of your hands so you can spend your time concentrating on what you do best.



Boost Your Posts

Have something exciting to say? A new press release? New product launch, event, or white paper? Tell people about it. Target your customers and get your message in front of them.

Promote Your Page

Do you need to grow your following? Lets promote your page to get you likes from the people who are going to want what you have to offer.

Page/Group Management

Keep up with the growth of your consumer base by interacting with your community.

Facebook Remarketing

Send your message on Facebook to your past website visitors. What better prospect than someone who already had interest once before.



Promoted Accounts

Promote your twitter profile to grow your business with the right followers.

Promoted Tweets

Highlight your updates to receive more views.

Promoted Trends

Your topics or hashtags(#) moved to the top of the trending topics list.

Profile Management

Complete twitter management including tweets, updates, monitoring and engagement.



A video is worth 1000 pictures. Well, we kind of just made that part up, but it might just be true. Video is one of the best ways to engage and entertain your audience. Whether its tutorials, events, videos of your impressive locations, or the next viral video hit, the options are limitless on utilizing video for marketing, and the rewards plentiful.



A picture is worth 1000 words. Yea, that one we’ve heard before I’m pretty sure. We need to show off your products and get people excited about what you have to offer.

Join The Online Conversation


Why Social Media?

  • Have your business involved in the consumer word of mouth decision making process.
  • Generate more website traffic with links from many social sources.
  • Increase brand awareness and maximize your online reputation though social conversation
  • Grow your business with the right fans and followers.

Whats in it for my business?

  • Setup of all social media networks.
  • Custom advertising campaigns for specific products or services.
  • Create and post relevant content across all social media channels.
  • Review transparent and measurable campaign results with full analytic tracking
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