Digital Media Agency

Custom Campaigns & Services

A Complete Digital Media Suite

We take the time with each individual client to put love and energy into each of our custom campaigns. All of our clients campaigns are custom and we can handle all aspects of your digital marketing


We offer a variety of additional services to complement and complete your digital marketing goals.

Email Marketing


We develop and implement a winning and results driven email marketing strategy for your business. We can manage your lists and create content to keep yourself top of mind for your customers.

IP Targeting and Niche Targeting


Niche products and services? Have a hyper-targeted target consumer? Does your business have custom or unique advertising needs? Target specific businesses, industry codes, business sectors, and specific business locations (government, educational, medical businesses). Talley Digital Media can find the right digital marketing solutions for your business.

3rd Party Data Services


Campaigns utilizing cookies or requiring other specific user data such as travel information, past purchases or web history.

Affiliate Marketing


Earn extra dollars from your visitors through a network of affiliate marketing merchants and vendors.



Sponsor a podcast, advertise on YouTube, or start your own podcast or YouTube channel to align with your business needs.

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