Spring Forward – Grow your business with these new Google Adwords updates

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Google Adwords is Google’s promotion service, whereby companies can exhibit their adverts on Google itself and its advertising network. This advertising system allows businesses to buy adverts that have been clicked, otherwise called “pay per click marketing.” A digital marketing agency that is in operation for some time has utilized Adwords in its digital advertising campaign because of the broad exposure this platform offers, in one manner or another.

Google is always changing and enhancing its Adwords systems.

What are the new Google Adwords upgrades and how can they help you grow your company? Here is an all-inclusive answer:

New Organized Snippets/Advertising Extensions

The new Advertisement extensions allow businesses to post more info about their services or products alongside an ad. Dynamic ordered snippets, which enable digital marketing agencies to choose the info they’d like their target audiences to find enable these new extensions. You can now emphasize your specialization or your brand, alongside your advert by utilizing these snippets.

This added structured advice will show directly below your advertising, hence giving viewers a feeling of what they expect to find on your website before they click in your link. In this fast-paced world, these new snippets allow you to spread key info at the moment when it matters most (right before an audience decides which ad to click on).

An example of an advertising with these extensions would be a shop that sells window shatters. The headline of the advert may read “Elegant window shutters,” while the second line of the ad can list the various styles available and the third line can list the services your business offers such as “ custom, or “installation.”

Advertising extensions are used by Google to discover your advertising position, by properly making use of these new extensions you’ll be able to get “top so rank.” Additionally, Google created structured snippets which enable companies to declare their special deals during the holiday shopping period, when sales are often high.

Call- Campaigns

These efforts enable companies to set their phone numbers on their ads, in the form of a “call button”(call out extensions). These Call-Only campaigns were developed as a result of the increasing variety of internet users who searched for businesses on their cellular device, then call the company they were interested in instantly. Naturally, not all firms will find this feature favorable, but for those working in sectors and in the dentistry, auto repair shops where appointments are not unimportant, call- only efforts are invaluable.

Call- campaigns that are only emphasize the essential points of your advertisement while placing your phone number on the headline of the ad, which when clicked, will automatically be transferred to your call; hence making it easy for an expected customer to telephone you. Because these advertisements appear on mobile phones that are effective at making calls, you may make a suitable bid predicated on the amount of calls you mean to receive, and how significant each call would be to your business.

True View for Shopping and True View Cards

The Accurate view for shopping and the accurate view cards are by making them more engaging and interactive for your viewers both Adwords’ features, which accentuate advertisement videos. With True viewpoint cards, videos can be now created by a digital ad agency with more advice on the firm or the company’s brand itself. This attribute, also lets you direct audiences to your own website using your advertisement. What makes true view cards a an attribute that is valuable is that it enables videos to reveal on cellular devices and smart TVs. Advertisers, can, hence, create a video that is single without having to always configure the advertisement to run.

On the other hand, TrueView for shopping, allows advertisers so as to add details and specific pictures to their own video ad. Users will also be able to purchase products from your company website or the video advertising. When essential you can also link your Google Merchant Center account to your ad videos, to add more product videos.

The upgrades made by Google on TrueView video also enable advertisers to understand precisely how many views they have received, and how many lead to some type of interaction. As an example, did the audience seek to learn more by clicking on the card, or did they just watch the video? This knowledge allows for better planning of ad campaigns and also when making bids.

New Ad Formats for the Gaming App Business

Research suggests that about 41% of all programs that were downloaded in 2015 were games; this certainly demonstrates the gaming program sector is fast growing. Nevertheless, research also reveals that one out of every four downloaded and installed app is never used. Consequently, game developers must give attention to keeping them engaged in their game apps even as their interest fades, and acquiring many users.

One of the upgrades is the ability to allow a gaming program to attempt before downloading it. This new Adwords attribute is known as Trial Run advertising, which run (no pun intended) on Google’s Display Network. This implies before they download the app that users can now stream a game from an app advert. Then when users search for a gaming program on Google, they get to try the program using the “Try Now” link set within the ad; this is the same as streaming apps from search result pages.

Trial Run advertisements for the gaming app sector will appear on Smartphones and users can play for 10 minutes on a WIFI network. This attribute enables advertisers to pull program users who will probably be engaged (continue using) in a program after installation.

For Example, your advertisement will only be shown to users who’ve played a game for about half an hour, instead of anyone who Google’s “games”; thus, a very exact audience can be targeted by you.

Gmail Advertisements

Digital ad agencies can now run their ads on Gmail from their AdWords, which is part of Google’s Display Network. These kinds of advertising are not rather colorless to entice users and attribute advice on products, services, and special bargains. These advertisements may also feature an image placed next to only just one image or a promotion. These Gmail advertisements have the same targeting options as those found in other kinds of screen network, which implies it is possible to target an audience depending on key words, topics or demographics.

Google’s new Adwords editor allows advertisers to do bulk edits and optimizations. Editing efforts before the introduction of the Google AdWords Editor 11 was a slow and boring process, but now with this new feature you can just download all of your ad campaigns in volume and edit them; even if the efforts are on multiple accounts.

This new feature also allows a digital ad agency with hundreds of Adwords accounts to download them simultaneously, rather than downloading one at a time.

Roll Your Efforts out with confidence:

As an advertiser whether individual or working for a digital marketing agency, you might have wondered whether you could “test-drive” the changes you’ve made to your effort before rolling it out. Google has made this possible through its campaign drafts and experiments feature. Advertisers will be able to test the impact the changes they’ve made for their efforts may have on their target audience once this new feature has been released.

The draft campaign attribute will allow you to stage before implementing these changes in your existing effort, the changes you might have made on your own advert. On the other hand, the experiments attribute allows you to examine these changes in a managed environment. The advertisers really get to decide how to divide their budget to run both efforts as well as the traffic. This lets one to keep running the campaign that gives the most results.

Shopping Advertise Lists

Shopping remarketing lists were a future in screen campaigns and Google’s search, but they’ve been revamped and can now run on shopping kind of campaigns. As an example, if a potential buyer views your website but logs off before making a purchase, you can still show them your advertisement anytime they perform a search that is related on Google; hence, increasing your chances of making a sale through your Adwords advertising.

The insights tool is useful in assisting you to identify the products that are most hunted for by web users; you can, so, tailor your adverts to suit these needs, and this tool also lets you get additional information on the search behaviour of Internet users. The Classification report enables you to know about the products which can be out of stock or the goods you don’t sell, yet these commodities are being looked for by web users.

Looking Ahead

Experts in digital marketing call that Google will be updating and releasing Adwords features that are new in the forthcoming years and 2016. These changes are anticipated in the cost-per-click advertisements that were mobile, social media ads, strategies and advancements in advertising targeting.

Each of these Adwords characteristics, detailed above function their special function, and not all are meant for the same sector. Yet, as a marketing agent that is digital, you are able to utilize your ad campaign to improve to perform better. So, whether you happen to be expecting to sell more gaming apps or get more appointments made, then these new Adwords characteristics grow your business, and can help you spring forth.

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